Site Attendance

Non Chargeable

A site visit may be carried out by a sales surveyor as an estimate (subject to availability and time scales). Such visits are undertaken when in area and represent an estimate of repair costs, they may well vary from the final invoice as a less detailed inspection will be carried out. Any works or repairs undertaken during this visit are chargeable at our hourly rate plus parts and miscellaneous costs. (i.e. parking etc).


All site visits undertaken by an engineer are chargeable at our current attendance rates. Where a detailed inspection and closer evaluation will be made.

Visits that result in systems left non-operational or partially operational, will be given recommendations that are valued more accurately than those of a surveyor. In most cases the initial visit is discounted according to the value of works taken up.

Attendance rates are subject to location and are chargeable whether a repair is achieved or not, with an hourly rate (charged in quarter hour lots) with parts extra over, all plus vat.

No mileage charges are made nor is travelling time away from site charged.

Return visits and works undertaken off site are chargeable on a time & materials basis.

All labour costs on site are chargeable even when engineers are delayed carrying out their duty for whatever reason i.e. gaining access or investigating the whereabouts of equipment, controls, cable routes or power sources etc.

Any existing item of the system, reused is done so in good faith. Repairs due to consequential system fault, resulting from the re-use of any item is chargeable extra over to any previous works.

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