Item Not Yet Despached - Why Not?

Estimated delivery dates are based on several factors, including your destination address, the billing details supplied, how quickly we can obtain items for dispatch and your preferred delivery method.

You can find out the status of an order by checking Your Account . Here is a breakdown of the order statuses and what they mean:

  • Order taken: the item is in stock
  • Order placed: the item out of stock
  • Packing: we are packing your order
  • Posted: your order has been dispatched
  • Cancelled: your order has been cancelled
  • Checking: payment unsuccessful (we will try to take payment again)
  • Processing: we are verifying your order
  • Awaiting Stock: stock not currently available
  • Card Declined: payment unsuccessful (we won’t try to take payment again - please contact your credit/debit card provider)

Please be aware that if you have ordered multiple items with the same delivery option and delivery address, they may be dispatched together or separately.


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